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A sea of faces surrounds me
stretching to some unseen horizon
in every direction imaginable.
Each gazing, taunting
staring at me (or through me).
I feel very transparent.

Secrets lay flayed open
by an unseen assassin's knife.
Goals on display behind cases
of glass forged from crystal tears.
Dreams paraded around for all
to see. No secrecy, no privacy.
Put myself between the crowds
and my transparent soul.
Begging, pleading to leave me be
but nobody hears my pleas
(or they don't care).

After poking and prodding all my
most secret ponderings
the crowd has had their fun and move on
laughing until there is no air left.
And I have cried until the oceans ran dry
for I have used up all the tears.
Fall to my knees and caress
the shattered pieces of
my broken aspirations.
I put them in a pouch and tie
the cord tightly around my heart.
Never to be opened, but always hidden.

Go ahead and mock me.
Tell me how you despise my goals.
Deny my dreams.
Block my passions.
I will not be restrained,
I will no be confined
I will not be strapped down
I will not be intimidated.
Because I have myself
and my broken bag of dreams.
Someday they will be whole.
Then I will be
transparent no more.
And you will see me for the first time.
And you will finally understand....
but far too late.
The life of a poet is not an easy road. Bearing your soul to strangers only to have them stomp your dreams and crush your plans. You must learn to push on, and continue to write because someday they will understand......just not in time.

trans.par.ent - Easily seen through or detected.....obvious.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2001-09-01
Transparent Dreams by matrix7 says, "...I have cried until the oceans ran dry...I have used up all the tears." So what of the faces, blending into one, surrounding, he asks, "stretching to some unseen horizon...?" The poet holds in his hand, "my broken bag of dreams" transparent, needing, goals determined.... We stand in this together. selected by jsenn ( Featured by devart )
ashighasaeagle Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2004
themadpoet Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
very nicely done congrats on the dp ...and by all means keep them coming we have all been where you are and the strength you need is in your heart and your words...thats where i found mine

words mean nothing without emotion some heart write a poem
oddlyaromatic Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001  Hobbyist Writer

Nice, me knows the feeling.

I think everyone does. Wahey on the DP, and I'll see you and Chairmas, thank you.
sixwings Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001  Professional Photographer
Although already an excellent writer... I think you are actually getting better!

Congrats Thumbs Up

----josh---- Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2001
I can relate very much to this. An outpouring of your innermost feelings gets uploaded, scored, awarded for the day, and then it's on to the next one, while you are left pondering..

Did they read it all...?
Did they understand..?
Did it make any difference to anyones perception..?
Have I touched someone today...?

Well, you have. Because I feel what has been expressed in this work. So I read it, and score it, and congratulate you on your award, and move on to the next one...

:-) (Smile)
Psalm 139:13

For you created my inmost being. You knit me together in my mothers womb.
jinoise Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2001
... i am speechless..
this is beautiful =) (Smile)

very good work.. keep it up =) (Smile)

sanguru Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2001  Hobbyist Writer
congrats on the DP. Well deserved Wes. love your work.

question silence.
jsenn Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2001
Perhaps it just me tonight, but I know the words you've written. For a long time and still now with some, I held this in secret...too precious to give to ridicule or criticism. So the agonizing flow of your words were poignant and so relatable. The goal must have validation not just in us but in others to be, somehow, of value to us. There, it is easily destroyed, will tumble into the chasm with the slightest ill wind of doubt within. Sometimes we should not be transparent but solid and steel hard, keeping the secret for self, the goal for later when we have been strengthened. You will be strengthened here. I chose your poem as Daily Poem because it reached farther than surface. It expresses that elusive feeling of transparency and spoke of goals that one day will be accepted as viable and worthy. They are precious to us, they will be, someday, to others. Determination has so much to do with success.
xshock Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2001
that wasnt long! you people are way too impatient. a poem of that quality, i could read for an hour! as people said, very nice imagery and metaphors. your stuff is very original, good job

somnambulist Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2001
Excellent poetry here, emotional yet simple concepts. :) (Smile)

matrix7 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
heh, I have actually been trying to shorten my poems (I am becoming norotious for long poems it seems) but I cannever portray the emotions I want in a shortened work. This is the reworked version too, there was 4 more stanzas ;) (Wink) Sheesh huh?
Thanks so much for the kind words.

"You're on a roll baby?"....maybe......but I am also spent it feels like. Gonna write at least one more today. Feels like have poured out my heart and given all I have left to give......but in a good way. Very gratifying to know that my work bring others happiness. Thanks guys, for everything.


daishi Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2001
long poem, but I read it anyways :) (Smile) I like it alot... like San said, lots of imagery and emotion :) (Smile)

Come visit me at :D (Big Grin)
sanguru Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2001  Hobbyist Writer
Another good one from Wes. You're on a roll baby, this is great! I love it, so much in it... just so much imagery and emotion. It's wonderful. A pleasure as always reading your work. keep it up.

question silence.
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