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Son Goku Sketch by matrix7 Son Goku Sketch by matrix7
Used to be a HUGE DBZ fan , but I have kinda slacked off. Had all kinds of sketches, but this is the only one I kept. Don't know, I just like the eyes and smirk i think. Oh well, comments??
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Shegalooga Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2005
yeah, nice drawing on his hair, thats pretty good. better than me! the one i made of goku, his hair is like nothing compaired to yours. and the colored one i made of kid goku, i gave him curls....-_-' and i made his face frame weird. oh yeah, you made goku too bulky, and the smirk is just a bit long. and the eyes are, well, i dont know, i dont know, too much vegeta. and i think goku's head on your picture is too big..... but on my pictures, he doesnt have much of a forehead! lol. and the one on mine again on the colorless one i made, his face frame is bad too.
well, yours on the other hand, is pretty good, and i dont know, theres those ears that bother me... but the shading and light is AWSOME! i still got to learn how to do that..:( well, keep up your good work, and you'll be one of the greatest young anime artists, if you're really 23, i'm only 15, turning 16 very soon.
einlanzer Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2002
Ahh, that's really cool looking... I like the shading, and how there aren't too many curved lines. The sharpness makes it jump out at you a lot more.. nice job man. Thanks for the comments on my drawing, too, heh.
Zlatty Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2002  Professional Photographer
Its cool ... not like some sketches of DBZ ppl that I have seen before but yours is kewl ... :P (Lick)
d00bie Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2002
*tries to breathe* holy fucking crap that is GOOD!
i wanna draw like that :( (Sad) :( (Sad)
Oh well! this kiks ASS!
well done!
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cooper Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001
I love the hair, and the shading is done well too... as fort the style u pulled it off extremely well... great work

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xshock Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2001
cool! i like the sharp shading; looks different from all the other ones. the hair is also pretty nice

matrix7 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I see what you meant about the face, now it is gonna bug me, haha. I thought the shading was a little TOO sharp, but now that I see it up here it looks okay. Just wish it didn't take so LONG to load! Sheesh....Maybe I will do more DBZ sketches in the future.....We'll see.
vizionier Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2001
I like the sharp lines and the shading a lot. Gokous face looks a little long? And extremly muscular. Not bad though.

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August 31, 2001
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