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Freaky Glow - Low Res - 5 by matrix7 Freaky Glow - Low Res - 5 by matrix7
Freaky Glow - Terragen Pic #5 Low Res Version

Well, I am back from my vacation in Michigan and I had whipped this up right before I left so I figured I would upload it to get a response and some ideas on how to improve it before doing the big one. I know about the black spot in the right foreground, I think its supposed to be a rock that got too close or sumfin. Comments would be hot

BTW - This is the first (of many I am sure) for me to use a technique I learned with a tut known only as "The Glow" It is a very odd lighting effect in Terragen that is a combination of extreme half haights, odd Atmospheric blue settings and negative water settings. Anybody who wants to know the settings I used is welcome to leave a comment here requesting it and I will email ya the settings or email me at L8terzzz all!

BTW - no post work at all, its straight Terragen peeps :D (Big Grin) i love experimenting Jawdrop
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munkaboo Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2002
I like it! although the glow is a TAD little too much on the toxic stuff (the green glow) i still like it a lot.
sixwings Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2002  Professional Photographer
I think toxic is cool Laughing

It is funny how some people (hexador) don't read the descriptions before commenting.

Well, I really dig the sky on this one, and the toxic glow of course.

The landscape seems a bit too geometric angly (is that a word?) but it would be cool if you could make it look like crystals bursting out of the ground Eyes maybe put a completely smooth crystal colored texture on it.... just an idea :) (Smile)
twira Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2002
The choice of colors is just excellent :D (Big Grin) This really makes my imagination go overboard... It's so pretty :) (Smile)
slow-pc Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2002
I like the sky, It looks great , teh green is too strong , but ... still works good.
stotty Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2002
I came across something like this myself - but it was my own messup, not a tut - it didn't look nowhere near as effective as this one though.

Change the green - it looks too toxic, a blue could work perhaps.
furryphotos Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2002  Professional Photographer
Maybe theres too much glow i n the water. Otherwise i think its great.
turx Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
the upper part is excellent but the green glow doesn't fit the picture. You can use another color for glow.
higgs Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2002
very interesting contrast of colours... suprisingly soothing ;) (Wink)
bookdiva Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2002
Ooh, love the colors and contrasts, the shadow effect is great, I love this in its entirety, wouldn't change a thing. Nod
hexador Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2002
good job I really like, what did you use to make, nice work
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July 7, 2002
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