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I feel transparent to your eyes
you know me well so I can't hide
the pain I bottle up within
from chances lost for love again...

I feel it every time I see
what may have been for her and me.
So time time after time I hide the pain
and do my crying in the rain
where no one can see the tears you cry
for they mix with rain as it blows by,
and the only way to tell tears from rain
is only one betrays your pain.

So I dry my face and smile again
and push the tears down deep within
and hear the thunder say aloud
the sound of heartache in the clouds.
And feel the harsh, cold rain embrace
the tears that flow upon my face
and mix again just like before
as I think back of old times and more...

When she and I were closest friends
I thought the laughs would never end
But life it has a cold hard laugh
as if feels your heart is ripped in half
and trampled on in such a way
it feels love will never come your way.
I sigh and pull back on the mask
I've worn so long as others ask
how I am and how she's been.
I smile and tell them we're just good friends.
So I wear my mask and tell my heart
to be content and not fall apart...
To dry the tears and hide the pain
and keep on Crying In The Rain.
I wrote this quite a few years ago after I had asked a very good friend of mine if she would go out and (as you can tell by readin the poem) she decided to change the nature of our friendship ina fairly negative way by avoiding me. That was before I met my wife though, who is everything I could ask for so even though this poem may be a little sad it does have a happy ending ;) (Wink)
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twira Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2002
So very much emotion, in just a little poem... How very well written! Who hasn't ever felt pain like that? But you, unlike many others, can put words on it and express yourself. And that is good.
d00bie Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2002
i know that pain..
wonderful poem
Heart Whoever said that theres plenty of fish in the sea was lying
Sometimes theres only one fish trust me. Heart
chronocore Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2002   Writer
Wow... so much emotion here. I started crying just reading it. You are very good at portraying your feelings. I connect with this on a very personal level.
I wish I could offer some suggestion, but I really can't think of anything to improve upon. Well done
jsenn Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2001
Crying in the rain, where surely we're not seen. We raise our hands skyward for there is no other salvation. We agonize, we ache, we hurt, we allow such unbearable pain, when our God stands ready to dry the tears found mixed within the rain. You write the sweetest melodies, even in the sadness you write the sweetest melodies.
umbilikal Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2001   Writer

Again the rhyming that I hate...and I also hate to admit that I loved it!!! I think I was standing there with you and crying into the sky, as it dripped down upon us both. You crying because you lost a friend and I crying because I CAN'T WRITE LIKE YOU!!!!! I look forward to your future writings.
sanguru Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2001  Hobbyist Writer

Another great one, and me jealous (again). You make it all look so easy, the emotions, the rhyming. It all comes together so perfectly. Great job (Once again) and I need to feel more jealous. =]

-I enter in silence
and in that way
I leave.-

dor Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2001
I did not know words like these could come out of a man! wow! and yes crying in the rain works well "sometimes"
very nice poem and glad you had a happy ending! =) (Smile)

toxictelevision Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2001
You sound just like me. Good work..
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