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July 2, 2002
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4 - Forbidden Palace by matrix7 4 - Forbidden Palace by matrix7
All done completely in Terragen. The only post work was the black border around the edge. All textures (thanks Stotty!) and such was Terragen. The temple and landscape was all made by me :D (Big Grin)

Comments welcomed and appreciated. #4 in my Terragen series.

::[Matrix7]:: Moon
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halitosis Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2002
nice colors, and it really looks like the temple is deteriorated and grown into the landscape. .or the landscape has grown on it, rather.
devianttalia Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2002
Really good. I love the greenery growing on the temple. Nice Job :) (Smile)
breid Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2002  Professional Artist
Wow - 100% TG!

I'm not a fan of the fissures either - I think it'd be better served without them. Maybe a low hanging fog. Just IMHO.
merlin-tbd Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2002
sweet work here i love the way you use terragen great work Nod
umbilikal Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2002   Writer
oooooh, i see you're getting more versatile with the Terragen....nice
higgs Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2002
awesome indelible scenery, nice render?
stotty Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2002
This is a wonderful way to get the most out of terragen, I do like the bumpy textures, they work well in this - apart from in the distance. Those holes are a gread idea, but they don't really add any value to this - I would suggest just having one similar to a moat perhaps - maybe even fill it with water

The atmosphere this is engulfed in is really the cest part in my mind, it has a very mystical colouring and dense feel.

Very good efforts mate Thumbs Up and credit goes to both you and sixwings for the experimentation on external terrain manipulations...and thanks for the mention too.
sixwings Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2002  Professional Photographer
Dude! that temple looking structure is awesome Eyes

And the texture work on this is nearly perfect, especially the ground araound the temple and the temple itself... the only thing missing texture is the hills in the background.

That sky is really cool too... the atmosphere settings really compliment this.

As you said in your email to me - the cracks definitely need work, and if you could get them out of the hills somehow that would be good too.

If you can get those things fixed then this is going into my faves Thumbs Up

P.S. reminds me of something that would be in Serious Sam :D (Big Grin)
jibrille Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2002   Interface Designer
This is awesome, looks like it is right out of a video game. Lovin' it.
joeturd Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2002
DANG! You did this with Terragen?? Wow, awesome job dude.
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